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So during these trying times, I have looked to find magic and happiness in the smallest things. Working daily to stimulate your imagination and having an outlet for stress and anxiety can be a win-win situation with projects. Being talented or having artistic ability is not needed. Just go and browse pinterest for some inspiration and create your own happy space.

This last week I pulled together a bunch of random things that were sitting around the yard to create a one of a kind, magical place for the children. The boys had the play house and we had found a little gnome kindness rock which I knew should be a part of their creative space. I remembered I had some pavers that were just left over from the previous home owner and I figured out exactly what we needed to do with them.

I took the pavers and used leftover spray paint (I did order waterproof sealer and had it delivered as I did not have that) to create the toadstools. I first cut out circles from cardboard. Put those on the pavers and sprayed over the top with the red spray paint. The circles were the grey from the pavers. Once dried I took the white spray paint and free handed spraying in the area that was left grey to make it a circle. Once both the white and red were completely dry I took the cardboard circle again and placed it over the white circles on the pavers. I sprayed the toadstools red one more time. This made the circles more distinct. I let this dry 24-48 hours and sprayed with water sealant.

This project has made me think about other things I have around the house that can be repurposed with a little bit of spray paint. I have painted old plant stands and created a tic tac toe board with a paver and some rocks painted. Creativity knows no boundaries and with pinterest there is always a little inspiration. Post on our facebook page or Instagram @fabngab the projects that you have created to make your space a little more fun, comfortable or relaxing.

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