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Where to Begin? Oh Yes the beginning

We all get so busy, so overwhelmed and so sidetracked. I am sure you have also had that moment where you are standing in a room wondering why you went in there, searching through your house for your keys that are ultimately still in your purse or trying to navigate your thoughts for what you need to do next.

So to begin here we are, we have decided to start a company to empower other women to just start. To just do. To find yourself and relax. This is a no nonsense vacation. A must needed get away. We all need to have that time to unwind. Are you thinking of a career change, a partner change, a personal change? Where to begin? Somethings are meant to be easy. We start at the beginning, with ourselves. Take the time and connect with yourself. You will begin to find your answers.

Maybe you are happy with where you are but have lost touch with those amazing girlfriends along the way. This can be a time to reconnect and remember. To have that support and to celebrate where we all are in life. The beginning begins now.

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